Resignation of License

An attorney wishing to resign in good standing from the Hawaii State Bar may do so upon securing permission from the Supreme Court pursuant to the process set forth in RSCH Rule 1.10. This procedure, if successfully completed, will result in an attorney’s name and bar number being permanently removed from the Supreme Court of Hawaii’s attorney list.

RSCH Rule 1.10

1.10. Resignation from the bar while in good standing.

Rule 1.10 was amended by order dated July 15, 2019, effective January 1, 2020.

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Please Be Advised

If you are seeking to resign to avoid paying registration fees for the following year, please allow ample time for the entire procedure to be completed before December 31 of the calendar year. Rule 1.10 allows the ODC at least 10 days after service of process to make objections to the petition, if any; and thereafter the court will require additional time to review the petition. If your petition to resign is not granted before December 31, and you did not register your license for the following year, your registration will be deemed late. Accordingly, we suggest that you begin the process of resignation well before December 31 in order to allow ample time to complete the process before the registration deadline.

If you would like to resign, please review Rule 1.10 above. In addition, the HSBA has prepared a rule 1.10 guidance handout and sample petition documents for your convenience.

HSBA Rule 1.10 Guidance Handout




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