President's Message

September 2021

Levi K. Hookano

Hawaii State Bar Association President

It’s Bar Convention time! I hope you enjoyed the day’s CLE programs, visiting our event sponsors’ pages. Please join me in congratulating the recipients of this year’s HSBA awards and our judges who retired this year. Mahalo to all of the program planners, speakers, and staff that helped to put this event together. Your 2022 HSBA Board of Directors are the following:

President: Shannon Sheldon
President-Elect: Rhonda Griswold
Vice-President: Jesse Souki
Treasurer: Alika Piper
Secretary: Lanson Kupau

East Hawaii: Geraldine Hasegawa

West Hawaii: Carol Kitaoka

Maui: Jacob Lowenthal

Kauai: Emiko Meyers

Oahu Directors: Jocelyn Chong, Steven Chow, Vladimir Devens, Jessica Domingo, William Harrison, Kristin Izumi-Nitao, Erin Kobayashi, Mark K. Murakami, Paul Naso, Zale Okazaki, Mark Valencia

YLD President: Jasmine Wong

The work doesn’t end after the convention, and there is still a lot to do, and I need your help to do it. The HSBA board wants your input on the recent judicial nominations to the circuit and district courts. You may submit your comments to [email protected], which is a confidential account at the HSBA. Alternatively, you may contact any HSBA board member directly, or you may fax your comment to the HSBA at 808-521-7936. Please submit comments on the nominees’ integrity, diligence, legal knowledge and ability, professional experience, judicial temperament, financial responsibility, public service, health, and ability to fulfill the responsibilities and duties of the position. Please submit your comments by 12 noon Monday, October 18th. The Hawaiʻi Supreme Court is also seeking your input on proposed rule changes. There are currently four proposals that are open for comment. They include:

Proposal for Five New Forms, Designed to Implement the New Requirements of the Rules of the Circuit Courts of the State of Hawaiʻi and the Hawaiʻi Rules of Civil Procedure (comment deadline: October 28, 2021);

Proposal for a New Comment [5] to Rule 7.1  of the Hawaii Rules of Professional Conduct – Guidelines for Referencing Former Government Service in Attorney Advertising (comment deadline: November 29, 2021);

Proposal to Amend Rule 22(b) of the Rules of the Supreme Court of the State of Hawaii – New Ethics Credit for Mental-Health Sensitivity Training (comment deadline: December 29, 2021)

Proposal to Amend Rule 17(d)(1) of the Rules of the Supreme Court of the State of Hawaii – A Proposal to Include Successor Planning for Law Practices in Annual HSBA Registration Information (comment deadline: January 6, 2022).

Comments can be provided online via the judiciary’s website.  This is your association and I encourage maximum participation. In the spirit of participation, I hope you are enjoying the YLD/SCD wellness challenge. Although the challenge will be completed soon, wellness is an ongoing process, so watch for new initiatives by the new HSBA standing committee on attorney well-being. Let’s push through to the close of 2021 together and start your 2022 Board off right!>