Application for CLE Approval: Provider

Procedure for Provider Course or Activity

Providers seeking CLE approval for a course or activity may submit the following:
  • Completed Provider Application for CLE approval
  • Substantive outline with time schedule/agenda
  • Faculty Description Applicable
  • Application Fees

Provider applications must be received at least 30 days prior to the date on which the course or activity is scheduled. An application that is not complete or timely submitted may be subject to a late application fee pursuant to the CLE Fee Schedule. See Regulation 11 for Provider Requirements.

Procedure for Accredited Provider Status with the HSBA

To be considered for Accredited Provider Status, a provider shall have sponsored at least three separate courses or activities in the year immediately preceding its application that would have satisfied course standards set forth in Regulation 3.

Accreditation shall constitute prior approval of courses for CLE credit offered by the Accredited Provider in the calendar year for which Accredited Provider status is granted. See Regulation 12 for Accredited Provider Requirements.

For MCLE related inquiries please contact:

Chelsea Benton
MCLE Administrator
Hawaii State Bar Association
(808) 792-7348
[email protected]



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