Mandatory Continuing Legal Education

Attorney Requirements

Active members of the Bar shall complete at least (3) credit hours of approved Continuing Legal Education (CLE) by the end of each calendar year. RSCH Rule 22(a)

At least once every three years, every active member shall complete (1) hour of approved ethics or professional responsibility education. This credit hour shall count toward the annual CLE requirement. RSCH Rule 22(b)

Active Attorney requirements are self-reported and members should maintain records of approved CLE for three reporting periods. Certificates need not be submitted to the Bar unless otherwise requested for a random, compliance or status change audit.

CLE Exemptions:

  • Full time Judges: Federal judges, Magistrate judges, Bankruptcy judges, U.S. Court of Federal Claims judges and Administrative law judges are exempt from CLE requirements. RSCH Rule 22(h)

  • Newly Licensed Members: Each person licensed to practice law who elects active status in the year in which he or she is licensed shall not be required to comply with the required (3) CLE hours mandated by Rule 22(a) for that year. RSCH Rule (j)

  • Inactive Members: Exempt from CLE requirements.

Status Change Requirements

Inactive members of the Bar who subsequently elect active status shall complete and report (3) hours of approved CLE, including (1) hour of approved ethics or professional responsibility education, within three months of electing active status. These CLE hours shall fulfill the requirements of Rule 22(a). RSCH Rule 22(i)

Please report your credits to the MCLE Administrator by mail, fax, or email along with a completed CLE Certification form.

For MCLE related inquiries please contact:

Chelsea Benton
MCLE Administrator
Hawaii State Bar Association
(808) 792-7348
[email protected]



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