President's Message

September 2021

Levi K. Hookano

Hawaii State Bar Association President

And now, a special “did you know” edition of the HSBA President’s Message.

Did you know…

• …that registration is now open for the 2021 Annual Bar Convention? It will once again be held virtually. Topics include family law, appellate practice, environment/energy/resources, forensics and e-discovery, and real property and financial services. There will be a virtual annual meeting program during the lunch hour, including the President’s report, honoring award recipients and retiring judges, and swearing in of the 2022 HSBA, YLD and SCD presidents. And speaking of swearing in presidents…

• …it is almost time to vote for next year’s HSBA Board? Ballots were sent electronically this month, and results will be announced at the Bar Convention. You can learn more about the candidates in the September issue of the Bar Journal or online. I am thankful that so many of our members step forward to participate in the administration of our bar association.

• …after you attend the HSBA convention and receive either 3 or 6 CLE credits, records of those credits will be saved in your online HSBA account? Any CLE credits that you take from the HSBA are saved in your online account so that you can easily access them if needed.

• …that in addition to keeping track of CLE credits received from the HSBA, you can also access a number of your member benefits from your online account? In particular, Fastcase is a legal research tool, provided as a free benefit by HSBA, that can help you when you don’t have access to other large scale research programs. It includes primary and secondary sources in a simple, easy to use interface.

• …that you can nominate people for judicial office? If you know someone who possesses the requisite experience for judicial office, you may contact the Judicial Selection Commission and provide them the name and contact information of the person you would like to nominate, and they will reach out to see if your nominee is interested in submitting an application. I am certain there are many members out there who would make excellent judges or justices, but don’t think to submit their names for consideration. The JSC even provides helpful information on navigating the process.

• …once the JSC submits their list of names to the appointing authority, the appointing authority wants to hear from you? This is a perfect opportunity for you to let your voice be heard by the appointing authority on what you feel is important for that judicial office before a name is provided to the Senate for confirmation. We are rapidly approaching the end of the year, but that is no reason to slow down. With the convention approaching I reflected on the Presidents who came before me and thank them for their service to the Bar and for the guidance and wisdom they passed. 

- Levi K. Hookano, HSBA President

Watch the HSBA President Law Day YouTube video at this link