HSBA Awards

The HSBA Awards Committee seeks nominations of individuals or entities deserving of recognition. Awards will be presented at an in-person Annual Meeting in the Fall of 2024. Please submit nominations to the Awards Committee, c/o HSBA, by mail or email ([email protected]) no later than July 19, 2024.

Click the following award categories for a full description of the awards below:

'Ikena Award (Legal Education)

Recognizes an individual (attorney or non-attorney) or entity for outstanding service to the public or profession toward legal education such as:

  • Activities relating to legal education such as brochures, speeches, classes;
  • Activities supporting legal education such as new public education programs;
  • Outstanding service in providing legal education for the public.

List of 'Ikena Award Recipients

Champion for Social Justice Award

Recognizes an attorney for courageous legal work in the face of public controversy that helps promote the interests of justice and preserves the integrity of the judiciary.

List of Champion for Social Justice Award Recipients

C. Frederick Schutte Award (Service Toward the Legal Profession)

Recognizes an attorney for outstanding and meritorious service to the legal community and the profession such as:

  • Activities within the bar association, its committees, Boards, ad hoc committees;
  • Outstanding service as an individual to community organizations having an effect directly or indirectly upon the provision of legal services to the community.

List of C. Frederick Schutte Award Recipients

Golden Gavel Award (Judicial Administration)

Recognizes an attorney or non-attorney for outstanding service to the state or federal judiciary in Hawaii such as:

  • Activities relating to court practice and procedures;
  • Activities relating to new or innovative projects regarding the Judiciary;
  • Outstanding service having an effect directly or indirectly upon the fair and efficient provision of justice by the Judiciary.

List of Golden Gavel Award Recipients

Ki'e ki'e Award (Pro Bono)

Recognizes an attorney for outstanding provision of professional legal services at no charge to the recipient such as:

  • Pro bono expenditure of time on a case of great public import having a broad effect upon the legal rights or interests of a large segment of the community or the community as a whole;
  • Extraordinary expenditure of pro bono time in cases above and beyond the normal expenditure of pro bono time within one’s employment;
  • Expenditure of substantial pro bono time and professional resources as a “private attorney general” on a matter of great public interest or concern where the appropriate government legal officer has refused, neglected or otherwise failed to take action;
  • The maintenance, establishment and/or devotion of a tremendous amount of professional time, beyond one’s normal professional obligations in pro bono work in a historical sense.

List of Ki'e ki'e Award Recipients

Greeley Key Award for Innovation

Recognizes an attorney or non-attorney for out-of-the-box legal work that involves promoting new and creative uses of, or approaches to, the law as a positive force in our community or world (pushing the envelope in how the legal system might help bring about a better future).

List for Greeley Key Award Recipients

Malama Hawaii Award

Recognizes an attorney for outstanding and effective non-legal community service activities to make a difference and improve the quality of life in Hawaii such as: fundraising for foundations & local groups, reaching out to the underserved, contributions to low income individuals and their families, encouraging voluntarism, revitalizing the community, protecting natural resources and the environment, or developing innovative and creative community programs.

List for Malama Hawaii Award Recipients

President's Award (Distinguished Service)

The HSBA President’s Award is presented for extraordinary contributions and lifetime achievement that best exemplify the mission statement of the Hawaii State Bar Association: "To unite and inspire Hawaii's lawyers to promote justice, serve the public, and improve the legal profession."

List of President's Award Recipients