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Date:                     Friday, October 14, 2022

Time:                  9:00 AM - 4:45 PM

Location:              VIRTUAL via ZOOM

Pricing:                 Half Day $150 (3 CLE) / Full Day $180 (6 CLE)

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The Hawaii State Bar Association is pleased to announce that the 2022 Hawaii State Bar Association's Annual Bar Convention & Annual Meeting  has been scheduled for Friday, October 14th.

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9:00 AM - 12:15 PM:               Morning Sessions

Appellate3 CLE  -  Moderators: Jocelyn Chong & Deirdre Marie-Iha

Trends and Topics in Hawaii Criminal Law-Developments Related to the Second, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments  -  Ben Lowenthal, Brandon Segal & Taryn Tomasa 

Examination of local impact of Hawai'i Supreme Court and United States Supreme Court decisions related to gun carry laws, Miranda requirements, and the execution of search warrants.

Highlights of the 2021 Supreme Court Term  -  Professor Carole J. Petersen, Professor Kathleen Sands, & Professor Linda Hamilton Krieger

Review of the major decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2021 term, focusing on reproductive law, the religions clauses, and the availability of remedies under federal law.

Appellate Questions & Answers  -  The Honorable Mark E. Recktenwald, The Honorable Lisa M. Ginoza, Kimberly Guidry

Questions and answers about the appellate courts and appellate procedure.

eDiscovery, Mobile Forensics and Stuff
3 CLE  -  Moderators: Arielle Taramasco & Rachel A. Zelman

Mobile Forensics and Evidence  -  Mark P. Seo  

A hands-on demonstration of the mobile forensic tool, MSAB's XRY Mobile and the processes that investigators use to forensically collect and analyze evidence will be provided.

Mobile Device Forensics and Case Development  -   Gareth T. Evans

Gareth Evans, partner at the Chambers Band One Law Firm, Redgrave, LLP will discuss recent eDiscovery cases involving mobile devices, cases where spoliation was successfully argued and how law firms can develop a defensible plan for the preservation and production of relevant mobile data.

Use of Forensic Tools: Views from the Bench  -  The Honorable Lisa W. Cataldo, The Honorable Robert D.S. Kim & The Honorable Paul B. Wong

The "Views from the Bench" session will allow attorneys to ask unfiltered questions to Judge Lisa Cataldo, Judge Robert Kim, and Judge Paul Wong, who preside over both Civil and Criminal Cases. Questions can span across a myriad of issues, including their views on how using forensic tools can affect discovery, identifying privilege and how covid affects their own courts and calendars.

Environment, Energy, & Resources3 CLE (including 1 ethics)  Moderators: Frank Cioffi, Brenda Gotanda, David Morris & David Raatz

A Changed Climate: The Strong Headwinds the EPA Faces at the Supreme Court  -  Kevin Minoli  

A review of the Supreme Court’s most recent actions related to the interpretation of environmental law and the review of actions taken by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Navigating Ethics in the Evolving World of ESG  -   Danielle Bagwell & Kate Campbell

As Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) continues to gain momentum across multiple industries, there is no shortage of articles, podcasts and webinars focused on the growing movement.  While many of these are geared towards investors and the boardroom, this presentation will focus specifically on the role of the lawyer, highlighting some of the key ethical issues that can arise as ESG strategies are developed and implemented in what may be best described as a minefield of evolving regulations and best practices.  Real-world hypotheticals will be used to walk through how the Rules of Professional Conduct governing confidentiality, competency, loyalty and who you represent can apply in this changing landscape.

2022 Legislative Update and 2023 Forecast  Senator Gilbert Keith-Agaran, Senator Chris Lee, Representative Nicole E. Lowen & Representative David A. Tarnas  

Key legislators will provide an overview of the 2022 State Legislative Session and preview next year's session on issues of the environment, energy, and resources.

Family Law, Part 1
3 CLE  -  Moderators: Seth Harris

Keynote Speaker  -  The Honorable R. Mark Browning

Introduction to the 2022 Supplement to the Hawaii Divorce Manual  -  William C. “Bill” Darrah

Since it was first published nearly 50 years ago the HSBA's Hawaii Divorce Manual has become the undisputed number one go-to resource for lawyers and judges alike. The 2022 Manual Supplement, the first update in three years, includes dozens of new cases, statutes, Family Court Rules, and forms, and a variety of other resource materials. It's an absolutely essential practice tool no family law attorney should be without. This presentation will explore the newest additions to the Manual. To learn more, go to this link .

A User’s Guide and Practical Applications for Financial Statements, Property Division Chart and Child Support Guidelines Worksheet  -  Mari Kishimoto-Doi, Charles Kleintop, & Gemma-Rose Poland Soon  

Presentation on relevant updates in statutory, case law and common practice impacting the use of Income and Expense Statement, Asset and Debt Statement, Property Division Chart and Child Support Guidelines Worksheet.

Real Property and Financial Services
3 CLE  -  Moderators: Bryan Chee, Terri-Ann M.K. Motosue & Janel M. Yoshimoto

Commonly Negotiated Commercial Purchase and Sale Provisions   -  Mark F. Ito & Diane Yuen Praywell

The panel will discuss from the perspectives of buyers, sellers, and mortgage lenders some of the commonly negotiated provisions in commercial purchase and sale agreements.

Swaps 101   -  Blaise Golightly

Participants will learn about the basics of swaps and hedging arrangements that are common in loan/finance transactions.

Condominium Law Update   -   Dathan Choy & Lorie Sides

Participants will learn about condominium law changes and updates. 

12:15 PM:                                 
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12:25 PM - 1:15 PM:             
HSBA Annual Meeting (BYO Lunch)


Induction of 2023 HSBA, YLD and SCD Presidents-elect

The Virtual Annual Meeting will be open to all HSBA Members. Click here to participate in the Virtual HSBA Annual Meeting on October 14, 2022 at 12:25 p.m.

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1:30 - 4:45 PM:                        Afternoon Session

Family Law, Part 2
3 CLE  -  Moderators: Seth Harris

Family Law Ethics Presentation  -  Alana L. Bryant, Chloe M.R. Fasi, Ryan S. Little & Bradley R. Tamm

The Office of Disciplinary Counsel presentation will emphasize recent developments and current events in Hawaii's legal-ethics framework relevant to Family Law practice and relevant updates on ODC’s tools, practices, and procedures.  

Best Practices for Pretrial and Trial Practice in Hawaii Family Courts  -  The Honorable Jill M. Hasegawa, P. Gregory Frey, Steven L. Hartley, & Brianne L.O. Wong Leong

This program will emphasize understanding and applying the best practices in executing the procedures for initiating cases, obtaining pre-decree relief, securing information to resolve the case, effectively organizing for trial, and executing on presentation of evidence in the trial process.


Military3 CLE  - Moderators: Levi K. Hookano

Working with Military Clients 101 & the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act   -  Rob Miller & Captain Andrew Purtell

The basics of working with a military client and speaking a "military language" will be discussed to provide an overview of the Federal and State Servicemembers Civil Relief Act protections.

Open-Source Intelligence and the Practice of Law   -  Rob Miller & Captain Andrew Purtell

Resources and the proper use of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) in the practice of law, and what you can do to protect yourself from OSINT gathering.


*Registration is open. Schedule subject to change. Program adjustments may be made.

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