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Date:                     Friday, October 15, 2021

Time:                  9:00 AM - 4:45 PM

Location:              VIRTUAL via ZOOM

Pricing:                 Half Day $120 (3 CLE) / Full Day $150 (6 CLE)

Program Brochure is available here

The Hawaii State Bar Association is pleased to announce that the 2021 Hawaii State Bar Association's Annual Bar Convention & Annual Meeting has been scheduled for Friday, October 15th.

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8:45 AM:                                    Login

9:00 AM - 12:15 PM:               Morning Sessions

Appellate3 CLE Moderators: Brian Black, Jocelyn Chong, Deirdre Marie-Iha

  • Impact of Act 48 Direct Appeals: Five-Year Retrospective  -  Lance D. Collins, Kylie Wager Cruz, Caroline Ishida 
    • Using case studies, the panel will examine the historical context leading up to the passage of Act 48 and its consequential impact on the disposition of appeals of contested case hearings before the Commission on Water Resource Management, Land Use Commission, Public Utilities Commission, Hawaii Community Development Authority, and those involving conservation districts.
  • Highlights of the 2020 Supreme Court Term  -  The Honorable Steven H. Levinson & Professor Avi Soifer
    • Reviewing the major decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2020 term and highlights of emerging trends from the more recently appointed justices.
  • Appellate Questions & Answers  -  The Honorable Mark E. Recktenwald, The Honorable Lisa M. Ginoza, Kimberly Guidry
    •   Questions and answers about the appellate courts and appellate procedure.

Environment, Energy, & Resources3 CLE  Moderators: Frank Cioffi, Brenda Gotanda, Rachel James, David Raatz

  • PFASs Chemicals - An Old New Threat? History, Toxicity, and DOH’s Approach for Addressing Environmental Risks  -  Dr. Roger Brewer & Dr. Diana Felton  
    • Two of Hawaii Department of Health’s leading experts on PFAS chemicals will provide an overview of the toxicity and health risks associated with PFASs and describe DOH’s efforts to evaluate and manage associated environmental risks, including DOH’s environmental guidance and the new PFAS Environmental Action Levels (EALs) released in April 2021.
    Circular Economy: A Straight Line to Sustainability?  -   Dr. Kamanamaikalani Beamer & Calyn Hart
    • The global movement for a circular economy seeks to decouple economic growth and environmental harm. Locally, Native Hawaiian community leaders last year authored the ‘Āina Aloha Economic Futures Declaration to chart “a course towards a stronger, sustainable Hawai’i.” The Declaration has been endorsed by nearly 3,000 organizations and individuals, including the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority and all four County Mayors. The session will highlight how a circular economy could change our islands.
  • What’s Law Got to Do With it? Energy and Environmental Justice, More Than a Second-Hand Emotion - Hi’ilei Casco & Kylie Wager Cruz
    • Energy justice is an emerging area of law, policy and scholarship, with significant roots in the climate and environmental justice movements. Today’s efforts to tackle climate change impacts around the world are now focusing on key equity considerations. Join us to learn about the developing field of energy justice and hear local, national, and global perspectives on related developments in environmental law that are now influenced by energy justice initiatives. Topics include lessons from water law disputes, Indigenous peoples’ perspectives, and evaluative tools for the advancement of equity.

Family Law, Part 13 CLE

  • The Better Apart Total Practice Makeover – The CLOSE Method  -  Gabrielle Hartley
  • The Better Apart Total Practice Makeover – The Financial Considerations of the CLOSE Method  -  Gabrielle Hartley
    • Gabrielle Hartley, Esq., will be offering an abridged version of her “The Better Apart Total Practice Makeover” publication. Ms. Hartley’s training offers a fresh look at divorce and provides a journey to re-loving your practice.

Forensics and eDiscovery Unwrapped3 CLE   Moderator: Kaylee K.M. Correa

  • Forensic Imaging and Analysis  -  Mark Seo
    • With the Court’s inclusion of preserving ESI, we will take the mystery out of Forensic Imaging and demonstrate Mobile Forensic Systems that are used for collecting Cell Phone Data and discuss their costs and options to manage those costs. We will also demonstrate Magnet Cyber Forensics and XRY Mobile Forensics. 
  • Social Media Discovery   - Ashley King
    •  The latest trends in Social Media Discovery will be discussed. 
  • Discovery from the Bench -  The Honorable James H. Ashford & The Honorable Dean E. Ochiai
    •  The Jurists will discuss the latest discovery issues, including an audience Q&A.

Real Property and Financial Services3 CLE -  Moderators: Bryan Chee, Kekoa Keiley, Imran Naeemullah  

  • Update from the Bureau of Conveyances   -  Mike Imanaka & Leslie Kobata
    • Mr. Imanaka will provide an update on its current operations with a focus on COVID protocols, Electronic Document Recording, new document search capabilities from the new Land Records System, recent legislation of interest, and any prospective changes at the Bureau of Conveyances followed with a short Q&A session.
  • Bill 7 Projects: Design, Financing and Permitting   -  Phillip Camp & Jon Fukagawa
    • Phillip Camp and Jon Fukagawa will discuss the design, financing, and permitting of Bill 7 projects, a recent approach to develop affordable housing through developer incentives and building code variances. 
  • Aloha Homes: An Innovative Solution to Hawaii’s Housing Crisis   -   Senator Stanley Chang
    • Aloha Homes is a plan pioneered by Hawaii State Senator Stanley Chang to foster the development of affordable homes to Hawaii residents based upon Singapore’s public housing model. Senator Chang will present on the details of this plan and how it may be implemented in the future. 

12:25 PM - 1:15 PM:               HSBA Annual Meeting (BYO Lunch)
  • 2021 Presidents Report 
  • Honoring Award Recipients and Retiring Judges
  • Induction of 2022 SCD and YLD Presidents-elect

The Virtual Annual Meeting will be open to all HSBA Members. Click here to participate in the Virtual HSBA Annual Meeting on October 15, 2021 at 12:25 p.m.

1:15 PM:                         Login

1:30 - 4:45 PM:              Afternoon Session

Family Law, Part 2

  • The Better Apart Total Practice Makeover – Co-Parenting Program   -  Gabrielle Hartley
    • Gabrielle Hartley, Esq., will be offering an abridged version of “The Better Apart Total Practice Makeover” publication. Ms. Hartley’s training offers a fresh look at divorce and provides a journey to re-loving your practice.  
  • Family Law Update   -  Tom S. Tanimoto
    • Tanimoto will be providing a Family Law Update (statutory revisions, rule changes, and case law) for the fourth section of the Family Law Session.

*Registration opens on September 7, 2021 at 12PM. Schedule subject to change. Program adjustments may be made.

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