2020 HSBA Award Recipients

The following individuals were recognized with HSBA Awards that were presented at the Annual Meeting program of the virtual Bar Convention on Friday, October 16, 2020:

  • Champion for Social Justice Award (courageous legal work in the face of public controversy that helps promote the interests of justice and preserves the integrity of the judiciary) - Cynthia Tai, Esq.

  • Ki’e Ki’e Award (outstanding provision of professional legal services at no charge to the recipient such as extraordinary expenditure of pro bono time in cases above and beyond the normal expenditure of pro bono time within one’s employment) - Ian Wesley-Smith, Esq.

  • ‘Ikena Award (outstanding service to the public or profession relating to legal education activities such as brochures, speeches, classes, new public education programs) - Momi Cazimero

  • President’s Award (distinguished service and outstanding achievements which exemplifies the mission of the Hawaii State Bar Association: To unite and inspire Hawaii's lawyers to promote justice, serve the public, and improve the legal profession) - the Attorneys and Judges Assistance Program and the Hawaii Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being.


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