EDiscovery (RECORDED)

EDiscovery (RECORDED)
REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Speaker: Mark Seo, Founder of HON Discovery Group

eDiscovery: Cost Effective Methods to Collect Client Email

This program is a recording of the Live Seminar held on April 8, 2019. 
If you attended the live program; You cannot claim CLE for watching this recorded program.  


As 60% of the bar population is over 50 years old, the topic of “exit planning” should be of great interest.  

The leaders of the Office of Disciplinary Counsel and Attorney’s and Judge’s Assistance Program will present a range of options on how to bow out of the practice of law legally, ethically and gracefully.  

The protection of your soon to be former client’s interests run in parallel with the preservation of your personal assets in this lecture presentation.

When in federal court, parties are obligated under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26(f) to address the scope of electronic discovery during the Rule 26(f) conference. Many courts have implemented local rules that require counsel to exchange each party’s electronic sources and the location of any potentially relevant ESI at the outset of the case, among other information. 

An attorney cannot competently represent a client in these proceedings without having a fundamental understanding of the relevant technologies when undertaking electronic discovery.  Failure to do so could result in ethical violations, malpractice claims and judicial sanctions:

Millions in sanctions wouldn’t be proportional in a case worth only $20,000, right? Wrong. In Klipsch Group, Inc. v. ePRO E-Commerce Ltd., Nos. 16-3637-cv, 16-3726-cv (2d Cir. Jan. 25, 2018), the Second Circuit upheld a $2.7 million sanction against ePRO for its repeated and willful discovery misconduct

Attend this seminar to learn about:

Strategies and procedures for collecting client email from servers, PCs and Mobile Devices
Tips for preparing a defensible collection
Recommended processes to avoid ediscovery sanctions

Mark Seo, Founder of the HON Discovery Group
Mark Seo is the founder of the HON Discovery Group, an eDiscovery and Trial Technologies firm that helps law firms, government and corporations effectively manage discovery. 

With over 20 years in managing complex discovery, Mark’s experience includes: eDiscovery Manager at AM Law 100 law firms, product manager for several of the most popular eDiscovery Systems, as well as supporting over 30 Federal and State Court Trials (including trials in Federal and State Courts here in Hawaii).

Duration: approximately 1 hour

Credit: This seminar qualifies for 1 CLE Credit. 
Cost: $50

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