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2018 YLD Board Priority is Diversity and Inclusion

As the first Black YLD President, I am dedicated to initiatives that create diversity and inclusion in our legal community as well as initiatives that promote those same goals.  Luckily, our YLD programs are rooted deeply in our larger community, which is diverse, and help to facilitate these goals of diversity and inclusion. What that means, we want to lift up ALL your voices!

  - Jamila Jarmon, YLD President

From left to right: Cameron Holm, Summer Kaiawe, Katherine Lukela, Elaine Chow, Addison Bonner, Daniel Padilla, Jamila Jarmon, David Van Acker, Marissa Machida, Shauna Cahill, Kyleigh Nakasone, Michelle Ching, Bryan Chee

About Us 

Membership in the HSBA-YLD is automatic for all members of the HSBA in good standing under thirty-six years of age and members who have been admitted to their first Bar less than five years regardless of age. Membership in the HSBA-YLD terminates automatically at the close of the calendar year within which a member attains thirty-six years of age or five years after admission to the member's first Bar, whichever occurs last, or when such person ceases to be a member of the HSBA. See our Bylaws.
The HSBA-YLD is an affiliate of the Young Lawyers Division of the American Bar Association. We aim:

  • To instill among Hawaii's young lawyers an interest in the objectives and activities of the Hawaii State Bar Association (HSBA).

  • To promote camaraderie among young lawyers.

  • To provide young lawyers with a means to participate in improving the administration of justice and promoting the public welfare.

  • To assist the HSBA in carrying out its programs and goals, and to sponsor programs and projects of interest to lawyers and the public.

Our Projects

  • Law Week - In conjunction with the ABA YLD, the HSBA YLD plans various activities for both the public and its fellow members of the HSBA. Volunteer lawyers staff Legal Line Clinics to provide in-person free legal services to the community all over Oahu and the neighbor islands at various shopping centers and other public locations. In addition to the Legal Line Clinics, various other activities may be planned, including a Law Day fair, workshops and other programs.

    We invite you to join the YLD as a volunteer for our upcoming Law Week Program. The Law Week program consists of two components: the KHON2 Action Lines during April 30th - May 5th, and Law Day on Friday, May 4th on Kauai, Saturday, May 5th on Oahu, Maui and Hawaii Island, and Sunday, May 6 on Oahu.


    KHON2 Action Line:


    Dates: Monday, April 30 – Friday, May 4.

    Time: 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

    Location: KHON2 Studio at  88 Piikoi St., Honolulu, Hawaii 96814.


    A binder with references and contact information where volunteers may direct callers for further assistance and information will be at the studio. This program is similar to the YLD's Legal Lines program through which volunteers provide general legal information to callers.

    Sign Up Sheet


    Law Day:


    Law Day will take place on the following dates and locations across the State:

    Friday, May 4th, 9am – 12pm (noon) 
    Kauai – Self-Help Center

    Saturday, May 5th, 10am – 2pm
    Oahu: Don Quijote Waipahu, Don Quijote Kaheka, Ka Makana Alii, and Pearlridge
    Hawaii Island: KTA Puainako and KTA Palani Road
    Maui: Maui Mall

    Sunday, May 6th, 10am – 2pm
    Oahu: Windward Mall – Farmer’s Market

    Sign Up Sheet

    Description:Law Day is an excellent pro bono opportunity for attorneys to provide legal information (not legal advice) to members of the public at free legal clinics. No specific area of expertise is needed to volunteer. Volunteers will sign up for a two (2) hour shift.


    Thank you for your support of the YLD! 


  • Legal Line Hotline- Volunteer attorneys are always needed for the LEGAL LINE program which runs every Wednesday evening from the hours of 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Attorneys answer a telephone hotline and provide free legal information to the public. This one-hour weekly program assists members of the public who may not have access to an attorney and need general advice or who just want to be pointed in the right direction to get information. All attorneys are welcomed to volunteer regardless of area of practice but those who handle Landlord Tenant, Creditor/Debtor, Consumer Protection, Family, Criminal and Real Estate cases are especially encouraged to volunteer.

  • Disaster Assistance Relief Manual- The YLD is the statewide contact to provide legal assistance to victims of disasters in Hawaii. Assistance is needed to update our Disaster Assistance Relief Manual and to help staff Disaster Assistance Relief Centers across the state when called upon by the State Civil Defense or FEMA.

  • Junior Judges- This project is designed to teach 3rd through 5th grade students facing tough choices to make good decisions. The Junior Judges Project addresses such issues as cheating, destroying property, bullying, teasing, stealing, drugs and alcohol, and gangs and weapons. Volunteer attorneys first show video-skits presenting real-life situations and then facilitate discussion in the classroom. Students become the “junior judges” who must make decisions on these simulated “real-life” situations. The duration of each presentation is approximately one hour. Program Curriculum & Attorney Volunteer Sign Up

  • Mock Trial- The Mock Trial program consists of high school teams state-wide who compete by acting as lawyers and witnesses in simulated civil and criminal trials before actual judges.Students work within teams, supervised and assisted by teachers and volunteer attorneys, to prepare a hypothetical courtroom trial. Case materials are supplied by the Hawaii State Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division and involve issues that are relevant to Hawaii law and the young generation.

How to Volunteer

  • Contact any member of the YLD Board.
  • Contact our HSBA Staff liaison at yld@hsba.org.

2019 YLD Board

PositionFull NameEmployer
PresidentSummer Hulali Miriam KaiaweWatanabe Ing LLP
Vice PresidentAddison Dale BonnerHosoda & Bonner, LLLC
SecretaryKatherine Mie Mele LukelaKleintop & Luria, LLP
TreasurerKyleigh Frances Keiko NakasoneThe Pacific Law Group
Director - East HawaiiKelden Braun Akoni WaltjenOff. of the Prosecuting Attorney
Director - OahuMichi MomoseCades Schutte LLP
Director - OahuKyleigh Frances Keiko NakasoneThe Pacific Law Group
Director - KauaiMarissa Yukiko AgenaOff. of the Public Defender
Director - OahuElaine Ting ChowKlevansky Piper, LLP
Director - OahuCameron Toshio HolmLaw Off. of Allen M. Kaneshiro
Director - OahuMichelle Kyong Yae ChingLaw Off. of Michelle K. Ching LLLC
Director - OahuBryan Wo Hop CheeSettle Meyer Law
Director - West HawaiiLaura Lynne CushmanLegal Aid Society of Hawaii
Director - OahuChristopher Paul St. SureGoodsill Anderson Quinn & Stifel LLP
Director - MauiJamil Dwight NewirthR. Clay Sutherland, A Law Corporation
Director - OahuChristilei Healani Cecilia HesslerSumida Au & Wong, LLLC
Director - OahuDaniel Joseph PadillaCarlsmith Ball LLP

2018 Annual Meeting

 YLD November Annual Meeting