The 2009 Law Week was a huge success! 
Check out the events and highlights from the week:

Proclamation from the Mayor’s Office with the City and County of Honolulu
On April 24, Mayor Mufi Hannemann awarded the HSBA President and YLD President with a Proclamation designating April 26 – May 2 as “Law Week” in the city and county of Honolulu.

Golf Tournament
130 participants played in the 37th Law Week Golf Tournament (April 24).  The Law Week Tournament was held at Mamala Golf Course and was coordinated by the Honorable Gary W.B. Chang’s chambers.  The winner this year was Denis Leung of the Damon Key Leong Kupchak law firm.

Legal Line Specials
The HSBA’s popular Legal Line service which assists the public with legal information over the phone was expanded to five nights for Law Week. Volunteer attorneys from the Department of Corporation Counsel, Legal Aid Society, Department of the Attorney General and the Public Utilities Commission assisted with caller in-take.  About 15 callers were helped during the week.

Proclamation from the Lt. Governor’s Office, State of Hawaii
On May 4, Lt. Governor Aiona awarded the HSBA President and YLD President with a Proclamation designating April 27 – May 2 as “Law Week” in the state of Hawaii and was briefed on some of the events which happened during Law Week.

Legal Clinics
Clinics were set up at five sites on Oahu, one site on Maui and two sites on the Big Island (one each for Hilo and Kona).  Volunteer Legal Services also let the HSBA-YLD use its regular Saturday clinic as an additional site.  The VLSH clinic was run independently. Click here to view a list of the clinics. 

Close to 70 legal volunteers were recruited for the clinics (14 paralegals, 42 attorneys on Oahu, 4 attorneys on Maui, 9 attorneys on the Big Island). 

In addition, Tracey Wiltgren and her mediators from the Mediation Center of the Pacific and its affiliates also contributed volunteers to the clinics with at least one per locations including the Neighbor Islands (9 mediators from Mediation Center of the Pacific, 1 mediator from Mediation Services of Maui and 1 mediator from Kukahi Mediation Center in Hilo).

Overall traffic to the clinics was mixed with the average being about 15-20 clients at each clinic.  Combined total number of clients helped at the clinics was about 125. 

A lot of topics were discussed at the clinics but most of the issues revolved around Family Law (Divorce, Domestic Violence, Child Custody) and Finance (Bankruptcy, Creditor/Debtor).  There were other issues discussed such as Immigration, Estate Planning and Intellectual Property.

These clinics were being tied with the American Bar Association’s larger national “Law Day” celebrations (May 1) which celebrates the rule of law, and underscores how law and the legal process have contributed to the freedoms that all Americans share.  The theme of this year’s national event is “A Legacy of Liberty – Celebrating Abraham Lincoln’s Bicentennial”.

Comments from volunteers:

“Things went very smoothly…. I enjoyed participating in this event and would be open to doing this again next year.”   - Jo Kamae Byrne (HPA Volunteer – Waianae Boys & Girls Club)

“Overall they were happy to be there and they appreciated the opportunity to educate the community.”
- Claudia Wahl (Maui Mediation Center – Volunteer at Lahaina Cannery Mall)

Please click here to view all the people that made this week such a HUGE success! Thank you to all our volunteers, without you, Law Week wouldn't have been possible.

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