1132 Bishop Street, Suite 906
Honolulu, HI  96813
Thursday, September 25, 2008, 11:30 a.m.


Vice President/President-elect Rai Saint Chu called the meeting to order at 11:41 a.m. with a quorum present. The following persons were present for all or part of the meeting:
Officers Present
Rai Saint Chu
Douglas Moore
Carolyn Yu

Directors Present
Darren Ching
Steven Chow
James Dandar
Craig DeCosta  (by phone)
P. Gregory Frey
Mark Gallagher
Geraldine Hasegawa
Louise Ing  (by phone)
Hugh Jones
Carol Kitaoka
Steven Songstad  (by phone)
Jodi Yi
Jill Hasegawa
Board Members Absent
Jeffrey Sia
Nathan Aipa
Ronette Kawakami
Gregory Markham
Others Present
James Kawachika
Catherine Levinson
Shana Peete

HSBA Staff
Lyn Flanigan
Iris Ito
Debra White 

2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Minutes of the August 28th board meeting were approved by consensus. 

3. TREASURER’S REPORT – Treasurer Douglas Moore reported that HSBA is doing well financially as of 08/31/08.  He also stated that effort is being made to provide more transparency in the financials.  In a brief discussion on the bar directory, Lyn Flanigan reported that it has not made money and that a contract has been signed with Grass Shack Productions to take over its production and distribution.  This results in adjustments to both revenue and expenditures in the budget.


a. HSBA-Disciplinary Board Liaison Committee - new ODC Executive Director Janet Hunt will attend the October board meeting.

b. Strategic Planning Committee - Douglas Moore, Steven Chow, and Rai Saint Chu briefly reported on the focus group discussions of the Membership Subcommittee.

c. UPL Rule – the revised rule was distributed; comments should be submitted o President Sia by October 10th. 

5. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT  (see agenda item 5) - Executive Director Lyn Flanigan reported on the following items:  Bar Convention - 12 CLE programs being presented; Katyal activities - OHA, HJF, Kamehameha Schools have agreed to participate in funding Katyal’s visit and presentations in Hawaii; Elections - 16% had voted online within the first 8 days; HSBA premises - plan to stay at existing space for now because no movement on Alakea Corporate Plaza.

6. YLD REPORT - Jill Hasegawa reported on the following YLD activities:  about 25 people attended the September 6th YLD picnic at Kapiolani Park; a YLD social on Kauai is being planned; the “case” and other information on the Mock Trial project is posted on the HSBA website; a volunteer appreciation event is scheduled for early November; update on the YLD Challenge at next board meeting.


a. 2009 Project/Program Budgets  (see agenda item 7.a. and Exhibit A)

Action taken:  A motion was made, seconded, and carried without opposition to approve the recommendation of the Executive Committee on the proposed 2009 budget for “goal group” projects/programs. 

b. Proposed 2009 Budgets of AAP, DB, LFCP  (see Exhibit B) - additional information provided by the Lawyers’ Fund was distributed;

Action taken:  A motion was made, seconded, and carried without opposition to approve the Executive Committee’s recommendation to send a “no comment” letter to the Disciplinary Board and the Attorneys and Judges Assistance Program Board regarding their proposed 2009 budgets. 

A motion was made, seconded, and carried without opposition to send a letter to the Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection recommending that no fee be assessed for 2009 because, based upon written material provided by LFCP, it appears that the Fund is adequately protected for payout of claims in the coming year.


a. Lorman Proposal  (see agenda item 8.a.) - Ms. Flanigan described Lorman’s proposal which would offer a revenue stream to HSBA on Lorman’s seminars.  HSBA will accept their proposal after negotiating terms. 

b. HSBA Annual Awards  (see agenda item 8.b. and Exhibit E)

Action taken:  A motion was made, seconded, and carried without opposition to approve the recommendation of the Executive Committee and Awards Committee on the following nominees for HSBA Annual Awards to be presented at the Annual Meeting Luncheon at the bar convention:

C. Frederick Schutte Award – Access to Justice and Nalani Fujimori
‘Ikena Award – Dean Aviam Soifer
Ki’e Ki’e Award – Edmund Burke
Golden Gavel award – Rick Damerville and Jay Kimura
President’s Award – The Honorable Riki May Amano

c. Announcement – President-Elect Rai Saint Chu announced that she and Richard Turbin will host a dinner at their home with Admiral Timothy Keating on October 29th, 6:30 p.m., to which the HSBA Board was invited.  She noted that the dinner will also be a kick-off for the Shanghai trip on April 9-11, 2009 to include a CLE program and presentations.


The meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

10. EXECUTIVE SESSION - the board went into executive session to discuss confidential matters.

Submitted by:
Lyn Flanigan
HSBA Executive Director

Approved by:
Carolyn M. Yu
HSBA Secretary


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