1132 Bishop Street, Suite 906
Honolulu, HI  96813
Thursday, July 24, 2008, 11:30 a.m.


President Jeffrey Sia called the meeting to order at 11:45 a.m. with a quorum present. The following persons were present for all or part of the meeting:

Officers Present
Jeffrey Sia
Rai Saint Chu
Douglas Moore
Carolyn Yu

Directors Present
Nathan Aipa
Darren Ching
James Dandar
Craig DeCosta  (by phone)
P. Gregory Frey
Mark Gallagher
Geraldine Hasegawa
Louise Ing
Ronette Kawakami
Carol Kitaoka
Gregory Markham
Steven Songstad
Jill Hasegawa
Board Members Absent
Steven Chow
Hugh Jones
Jodi Yi

Others Present
Douglas Crosier
Steven Dixon
Thomas Foley
Charles Hite
Victoria Kalman
James Kawachika
Catherine Levinson

HSBA Staff
Lyn Flanigan
Iris Ito
Debra White
Leroy Michaels

2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Minutes of the June 26th board meeting were approved by consensus.  

3. TREASURER’S REPORT – Treasurer Douglas Moore reported that HSBA is ahead of projected budget by $43k as of June 30th.  See written financial statements for more detail. 


a. Fundraiser Dinner - President Sia acknowledged and thanked all those who worked on the Fundraiser.  The Board viewed the winning “Justice for All” video and the Judiciary’s video submission.

b. MCLE - President Sia reported that at the Section Chairs meeting in June, the Bankruptcy Law Section voiced their opposition to MCLE and stated that there was no data/evidence indicating that CLE benefits anyone and urged that HSBA take a position against mandatory CLE.  President Sia also reported that the Subcommittee on MCLE of the Commission on Professionalism is looking at the Alaska rule as a model as a result of the request for a proposal in October.  

c. Attorneys & Judges Assistance Program - AAP Director Steven Dixon briefly reported that the Program had income of $179,000; made 702 client contacts from January through June; conducted 83 support group meetings with 624 persons in attendance.

d. HSBA-Judiciary Liaison Committee - committee met on July 17, 2008 with discussion focusing mainly on MCLE and recent rule changes.

e. HSBA-Disciplinary Board Liaison Committee - next meeting tentatively scheduled for late August.

f. Strategic Planning Committee - the Leadership and Membership Subcommittees and full Strategic Planning Committee continue to meet and move forward.

g. UPL Rule – President Sia continues to work on the revisions to the proposed amendments.

h. Access to Justice Commission (AJC) - the first official meeting was held on July 23rd where the framework was set for establishing AJC’s committees.  If anyone is interested in serving on these committees, let Jill Hasegawa know.

i. HSBA Representative to Election Advisory Council - three HSBA members have volunteered to serve as the HSBA rep. 

5. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT - Executive Director Lyn Flanigan reported that HSBA presented to the neighbor islands in May and June two popular CLEs:  Business Entity Forms and Landlord/Tenant.  She also announced that, regarding the HSBA election, HSBA will put up a bulletin board for members to ask questions of the candidates for President-elect and Vice President, and that brief “debates” for these candidates will be filmed and posted on the website.  See Exhibits A-C for reports on other activities. 

6. YLD REPORT - YLD President Jill Hasegawa thanked Board members Rai Saint Chu, Douglas Moore, and Greg Markham for volunteering at VLSH Clinics.  She stated that the case for the Mock Trial Project is expected to be ready by August 1st, and she noted that a YLD Social, to which all members are invited, is set for Saturday, September 6th, 11 am-4 pm, Kapiolani Park. 


a. Proposed Amendments to Board Policy Manual 8.6 and 8.13  (see agenda item 7.a. and Exhibit D).  

Action taken:  After discussion, a motion was made, seconded, and carried without opposition to approve the recommendation of the Executive Committee to adopt amendments to the Board Policy Manual at Section 8.6 that specified the financial institution at which HSBA may holds its commercial account and at Section 8.13 that removes the limitation on HSBA serving liquor at its events.

b. Proposed Amendment to RSCH 17(d) regarding New Membership Category  (see agenda item 7.b.)

Action taken:  After discussion, a motion was made, seconded, and carried without opposition to approve the recommendation of the Executive Committee to request the Supreme Court not to adopt the proposed amendment to create a new membership status of “inactive for medical reasons,” but to instead handle these situations on a case-by-case basis.

c. Appointment of Former Judge to JSC  (see agenda item 7.c. and
Exhibit E)

After extensive discussion on whether HSBA should take a position on the issue and the impact of any HSBA statement, if issued at this time, the following motions were considered and defeated:

Action taken:  A motion was made and seconded with a friendly amendment to issue the public statement attached at Exhibit E with the quote from The Honolulu Advertiser deleted.  The motion failed by a vote of 4 to 10. 

A further motion was made and seconded to survey members whether HSBA should take a position on the appointment of a previously licensed bar member to the JSC.  The motion failed by a vote of 7 to 8. 


2009 Payroll Budget  (see agenda item 8.a. and Exhibit F) – due to time constraints, this item was not discussed.


The meeting adjourned at 1:10 p.m.

Submitted By:

Lyn Flanigan
HSBA Executive Director

Approved by:

Carolyn M. Yu
HSBA Secretary


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