Legal Assistance in the State of Hawaii

American Civil Liberties Union of Hawaii
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is the only national organization dedicated to defending and expanding the civil liberties of all people. The ACLU of Hawaii has a variety of pro bono opportunities for individuals seeking to defend civil liberties an the fundamental principles of our Constitution, including opportunities for cooperating attorneys and individuals seeking to volunteer on various legislation and litigation projects.
Phone: (808) 522-5900

Domestic Violence Action Center
The Domestic Violence Action Center and Legal Hotline is committed to ending domestic violence and other forms of abuse through leadership, prevention, legal service, individual and systemic advocacy and social change work.
Phone: (808) 531-3771

Hawaii Disability Rights Center
The mission of the Hawaii Disability Rights Center is to protect and promote the human, civil, and legal rights of individuals with disabilities through the provision of information and advocacy.
Phone: (808) 949-2922and 1 (800) 882-1057

Hawaii Immigrant Justice Center
Hawaii Immigrant Justice Center is a non-profit organization committed to providing immigration legal services and advocacy in the public interest for people living in Hawaii with particular emphasis on serving poor and low income immigrants and their families.
Phone: (808) 536-8826

Legal Aid Society of Hawaii
Legal Aid Society of Hawaii is dedicated to assisting the low-to-moderate income community. Their mission is to achieve fairness and justice for Hawaii's people through quality representation, advocacy, community partnerships, education and outreach.
Phone: (808) 536-4302

Medical-Legal Partnership for Children in Hawai'i
The Medical-Legal Partnership for Children in Hawaiʻi (MLPC Hawaiʻi) seeks to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable children and families in Hawai‘i through a unique partnership between the Law School, pediatricians of the Community Pediatrics Division of the John A. Burns School of Medicine, and the Kokua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services, a federally qualified community health center. MLPC Hawaiʻi provides direct access to legal services for children and families in a community health clinic setting in order to address the social/legal problems that negatively impact children’s health.
Phone: (808) 371-2698 Client line: (808) 688-3313

Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation
The mission of the NHLC is to strengthen and enhance the lives of Native Hawaiians and Native Hawaiian communities through the protection and recovery of ancestral and trust lands, natural resources, and the preservation of customs and practices vital to the perpetration of Hawaii's indigenous people.
Phone: (808) 521-2302

University of Hawaii Elder Law Program (UHELP)
UHELP has an attorney/professor, a program administrator/legal assistant and several student law clerks. UHELP operates throughout the calendar year and provides basic legal assistance, advice and information. UHELP is not permitted to assist with business or criminal law matters or with personal injury or other fee-generating cases. You may qualify for services if you are 60 years or older and are socially or economically needy or if you are a caregiver of an older person and need legal assistance on behalf of the older person. (Each case is evaluated according to its own merits and in accordance with staff capabilities)
Phone: (808) 956-6544

Volunteer Legal Services Hawaii

Volunteer Legal Services Hawaii matches pro bono lawyers with individuals and families in need of legal assistance. The organization’s pool of volunteer attorneys handle non-criminal matters such as family law, guardianship, wills and probate, employment, immigration, and bankruptcy. Services include legal advice, telephone consultations, document drafting, self help workshops and full representation.
Phone: Honolulu(808) 528-7046; Maui (808) 727-8210; Hawaii Island (808) 313-8210; Kauai (808) 698-8210