Attorney-Client Relations Committee

Call 537-1868 ext. 220 for questions or inquiries about working with your lawyer. Please note that our program is limited in scope and jurisdiction.

Fee Dispute Program - A voluntary mediation/arbitration program to resolve fee disputes. An option for resolving disputes over attorneys fees.

Step 1: Read the instructions regarding the program, then sign and date it. IT MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH YOUR PETITION FORM.

Step 2: Download the rules to mediate/arbitrate a fee dispute for your information.

Step 3: Download the form to mediate/arbitrate a fee dispute.

To have these forms mailed to you in the continental United States, please forward a self-addressed envelope in the amount of $1.05.

Submit your petition and signed instruction form to:

Hawaii State Bar Association
Fee Dispute Program
Alakea Corporate Twr.
1100 Alakea Street, Ste. 1000
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Please note: There is no parking validation in our building.

Formal Complaints:

For complaints about unethical or questionable practices of licensed attorneys, please contact:

Office of Disciplinary Counsel
1132 Bishop Street, Suite 300
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Telephone (808) 521-4591
Website: Office of Disciplinary Counsel

For complaints about losses due to attorney's dishonest conduct, please contact:

Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection
1132 Bishop Street, Suite 300
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Telephone (808) 599-2483
Website: Hawaii Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection



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